Amy Grindhouse


Amy Winehouse has become obsessed with Quention Tarantino’s movies over the festive period. Now the Back to Black singer wants to be cast in a movie directed by him or close friend Robert Rodriguez.

And she has been tweeting Reservoir Dogs star Michael Madsen in the hope of buying the car his character Mr Blonde drove in the movie.

The singer, who was already a big fan of Rodriguez’s Grindhouse, has been posting messages about Tarantino’s violent classic on Twitter and Facebook.

“I’m watchin res. dogs and waiting for tarantino or Rodriguez to CAST me”, she wrote on Facebook.

And a Christmas Day tweet to Madsen read, “for sale? fo sale? watching your car as i speak – met you once with my husband in th airport lounge – he kept his distance”.

Sadly for Amy, Michael sold the iconic Cadillac two years ago at auction.

Still, she might be in with a chance of a role in Quentin Tarantino’s latest movie if the title is anything to go by. It’s called Come Drink With Me.


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