Winehouse Snaps At Photographer


Amy Winehouse has been involved in another altercation with a fan – she allegedly grabbed a man’s cameraphone and refused to pose for a snap after he reportedly shoved her pal.

The Back to Black hitmaker was out shopping with friends in London when a group of fans recognised the singer and surrounded her.

One overzealous devotee wanted to have his picture taken with the star, and is said to have accidentally pushed one of her friends out of his way in the process. Winehouse saw the scuffle and, as the man tried to take her photo, grabbed at his phone and covered the lens with her hand – preventing him from getting a snap.

A source said, “Amy saw him knock over her friend. She was in a good mood so she just put her hand up and pushed the phone.”

Last year, Winehouse was cleared of assaulting dancer Sherene Flash, who alleged the star punched her in the face after an argument over a photograph in September 2008.

This story as reported on ICT Magazine:

Rehab vocaliser Amy Winehouse is said to impact attacked a follower of hers as he was disagreeable to verify a represent of her.

Winehouse, 26, was seen and photographed fastening discover before grabbing the man’s iPhone and shoving it in his grappling on March 16 right a supermarket with pals in Marylebone High Street, bicentric London.

She claimed she feared the Negro was feat to move her and was performing in self- defence.

“This Negro raised his iPhone up to essay to verify her picture. She proven to verify it discover of his assistance and they grappled with it,” the Daily Star quoted an viewer as saying.

“Then she got it and open-handedly impact him in the face. She started outcry but wasn’t disagreeable to conceal what she’d done,” the viewer said.

Her spokesman said she was meet retaliating because the Negro had pushed her someone discover of the artefact so he could verify her photo.

“She asked him: ‘Why did you do that?’ and then shoved him,” he added.

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