Katherine Jenkins longs to meet half-sisters

(Daily Express)

More than a year since they were discovered, opera diva Katherine Jenkins has spoken of her disappointment that she still hasn’t met her half-sisters. The Welsh mezzo-soprano told of her desire to get together with her siblings last October in a TV interview but no reunion has taken place.

Katherine, 29, says it is down to “unfortunate” reasons. “I don’t really want to go into it because it’s private,” she said. “We have tried to meet but circumstances are stopping it – unfortunate circumstances. We all want to meet up but for my sisters’ sake I don’t want to go into the reasons why.”

Twins Angela Jenkins and Pauline Perry, 57, from Katherine’s late father Selwyn’s first marriage, first appeared in the press when they were photographed shopping in the multi-millionairess’s hometown of Neath last March.

Katherine, who grew up with younger sister Laura Ellen, 27, said she always knew she had half-sisters but did not trace them for fear of upsetting her mother Susan. Her father died when she was 15. In October Katherine, who will be attempting to crack America this summer, said: “I always knew Angela and Pauline existed but I didn’t know their names or what they looked like. I sent them flowers recently to apologise for dragging them into this crazy world and although we’re yet to speak I hope we will meet up next year. They’re my sisters so of course I want to get to know them.”

Katherine left South Wales at the age of 17 after landing a scholarship in London at the Royal Academy of Music. She signed a record deal with Universal six years later.

Nicknamed the new “Forces Sweetheart” after singing for soldiers in Iraq in 2005, Katherine also said reports that Dame Kiri Te Kanawa was referring to her when she had a dig at so-called “opera fakes” with weak voices in 2008 could never be true.
“Dame Kiri didn’t say that. We’re very friendly,” she said.


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