Amy Winehouse meets Katy Perry’s father-in-law

Amy Winehouse was reportedly saved by a fan when Russell Brand’s dad drunkenly tried to cuddle her at a pub in London. The 26-year-old singer was drinking at her local, The Hawley Arms, in London when Ronnie Brand started mouthing off.

He then got a bit too close and a fellow drinker stepped in to save things getting out of hand.

A source said to British newspaper the Daily Star: “Ronnie was being really loud and reminding everyone that he was Russell’s dad. He seemed drunk and everyone there was getting fed up with him. He kept saying ‘Russell’s gone global now’ and ‘I have £20m to invest in the music business’. Then he started bothering Amy and kept putting his arm around her shoulder.

“A blonde who was standing nearby took offence. She pushed Ronnie’s head against a wall and was slapping him while shouting: ‘Who are you?’ She looked really angry and Ronnie just sort of cowered away.”


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