Winehouse Insults Zulu King


You might think Amy Winehouse would be on her best behaviour seeing as her bloke had taken her to dinner with royalty. But poor Reg Traviss must have wished he stayed at home when Wino made a scene in front of Goodwill Zwelithini. Yes, that’s right. The King of the Zulus.

Wino turned up to the launch of an African-themed restaurant drunk and with her bangers out before insulting the African chief, who was there as a special guest. The pair arrived late – and in Amy’s case smashed – before taking their seats at the head table.

While the other 200 diners gave the king a standing ovation when he entered the room, Reg was dragging Amy on to her feet in a bid to show some respect. The king then made a 15-minute speech which Amy ignored as she nodded off on Reg’s lap in full view of the king.

A source said: “It was embarrassing. Amy was in a state. People were cringing. Before the king arrived she was downing glasses of wine and snogging the face off Reg. She completely insulted the king during his speech. Amy showed no respect.”

At one stage Amy was talking to people on her table with her boob hanging out of her dress. Reg had to keep tucking it in. The suave film director hasn’t been dating Amy for long but he has experience in dealing with her unpredictable behaviour. His arm was permanently wrapped around her and he kept kissing her on the cheek while attempting to control her antics.

Reg also knows when enough is enough. At 9 p.m. he escorted Amy through the Shaka Zulu Restaurant in Camden to the back door, where he put her in a cab. Good timing, as 200 more guests were about to arrive.

The carry-on came only hours after the Sun printed pictures of her slumped on a bench at 9.30 a.m. after an all-nighter.

Amy Winehouse on worst behaviour in front of royalty at Camden’s Shaka Zulu launch

(Daily Mirror)

It’s not every day you are in the presence of royalty – so it’s a pity Amy Winehouse wasn’t better bee-hived when she met the King of the Zulus.

Amy, 26, and boyfriend Reg Traviss were at the launch of Camden’s Shaka Zulu bar and restaurant in London on Wednesday. Guests of honour were His Majesty King Goodwill Zwelithini, wearing traditional dress of leopard skins, and Queen Mantfombi.

The King has 16 wives – and it’s safe to say that Amy won’t be asked to be Queen No. 17. Fuelled with pink bubbly, she demanded cigs and cackled during his speech. Our party spy says: “Amy was a bit tipsy and desperate for a cigarette during the posh dinner. She bellowed in the King’s direction: ‘Anyone got a fag? I’m gagging for one!’ He looked stunned. Then when he thanked everyone you could hear Amy laughing and blurting out: ‘I want an outfit like His Majesty’s. Leopard-print is in!’”

Reg was heard saying: “She’s my naughty kitten, I love her to bits. But it’s time to call it a night now.”

He took her by the arm, led her out of the back door and got her into a cab – and she sprawled all over the back seat. Charming.


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